Nearby activities / attractions

Below you will find surrounding activities. Why not visit anything when you’re here? The area around Götene offers quite a lot more than you think!

Arena Bowl

Here you will find Götenes own bowling alley, Arena Bowl where you can eat and even book bowling to children’s party etc.

Axvalla trav

Axvalla racetrack is a great place for all types of horseback riding enthusiasts. Here you will find everything from trotting schools, trying to be a driver for a day to various events such as Stochampionatet.


It is not called the flowering mountain for no reason. It is so incredibly nice to watch and there are a lot of things to do. Learn more about what to do on Kinnekulle here .

Kinnekulle Ring

Kinnekulle ring was intended primarily for getting your driving license and to be able to do mandatory risk training at minimum costs. Kinnekulle Ring were grounded 1979 and were built privately, but since 2011 Kinnekulle Ring is run as a limited company. Kinnekulle Ring is also hired by various companies, for example, for fairs and exhibitions.


In Götene there are a number of different churches dating back to the 11th century. For example, there are churches like Forshem’s church, Götene Church, Broby kabell, Husaby church, etc. For more information, visit Götene municipal website

Lundsbrunns golfklubb

For the golfers, Lund Brunn Golf Club located near Brännebrona Vandrarhem.


In connection with Brännabrona Vandrarhem, there is a great opportunity to eat fresh fish – really. On Polar Fish you can also buy scallops, shrimps, crabs and more.

Rubens maskinhistoriska

As the name suggests, Rubens holds a large collection of old and interesting machines such as steam engines, explosion engines and various types of work machines and work vehicles. The machines like Rubens were used during the period 1860-1950. Read more at Ruben’s website .

Skara – Lundsbrunn

Experience a journey back in time with Skara – Lundsbrunn’s Railways . On SkLJ you can use steam train traffic on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays every summer. In addition, you can book your own train (steam train, diesel-powered train or rail bus).

Skara Sommarland

Skara Sommarland is just a stone’s throw from Brännebrona Hostel. There you can enjoy lovely summer days in water rides, carousels and nice walking areas. Summerland was founded in 1984 by Bert Karlsson, but has been part of Parks & amp; Resors Scandinavia AB.

Vilan Fritidsområde

The recreation area located in Skara is a great exercise and sports area where there are training possibilities in all its forms: gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, ice cream hall open all year round. Learn more about Vilan’s leisure area here .

Åkessons bil

Åkessons Car is a car dealer with a strong sense of service and personality beyond the ordinary. Why not take a turn here if you are interested in a new car?

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